how to model a christmass twisted lamp

anyone has an idea how to model this

thanks for any feedback

shell script?

All I did was take a 16 x 16 UV sphere select the top vertex and move it up using proportional editing, selected every other loop and scaled them in and added a twist modifier. It’s crude but with some further tweaking you should be able to work with it.

looks like that works pretty well. also there is the taper twist script, as well as lattices and mesh deform modifier which would also work.

shell is an interesting way to do this
i might have one for that !LOL

what is this taper twist script ?

lattice or mesh deform
not certain if these would give a nice smooth deform!

i’ll try the sphere with proportional but did not feel that it would give a nice smooth shape either!
and the control over it might not be easy but i’ll test i

there is the multextrude which might help but have to experiment on that one!

the problem is to maintain an almost constant widht for the twisting band
then near the top it begins to get smaller which is very difficult!
and the inside shape should stay as a circle not easy to do


test wiht propor then add some twist and subsurf

not a bad approximation but rather crude approximation
the band are too sharp should be flatter in the middle and rounded on the external edges

by the way i tried Alt-B to see the inside but could not use it in 53119?
anyone can confirm this bug ?


i did check some sea shells but no quit same shape

telescopium telescopium
but twist angle seems to be low

lischea imperialis
top part looks a little twisted

littorina scabra angulifera 1 and 2
top part looks a little twisted

turbina shell
looks good but base is to wide

Turritella nivea
looks good

major problem with these is the fact that the inside ar not circular!


i check wiki but cannot find this taper twist script
if you have a link let me know i’ll test it !


check version 2.49
(edit) it may have been made into a modifier at some point
(edit) it’s in 2.49 under scripts >> misc

but would like to get flatter band on the side
did a quick render in cycles

but the emission sphere inside get distorted a lot !


The emission sphere is distorted because of how refraction works, find some twisty glass item in real life and whatever is inside will look like that.

On top of that, the reference shows a material that is somewhat frosted and with an IOR lower than glass (closer to transparent plastic), lowering the IOR for a closer match will also reduce the effect it has on the light inside.

i was not doing the same model then in the pic!
just did an experiment with 2 colorred glass

i’ll try to make another one more like the pic in first post
would like to find a way to make the side bands flatten a little!

not certain if i should add some thichness to it to get more refraction may be!


here is another transparent model


ha, I knew it was made into a modifier at some point. it is now called ‘simple deform’ and resides in current versions.

there is another one for twisting too in 2.6
addon call multi extrude which can do extrude and some twisting

mind you i did not add as many bands as in the original model
and i’m already at 7000 verts
i’ll try to make a higher res with more bands
but will end up to 20 K i guess!