How to model a Flowerminx, Megaminx, Gimgaminx, etc on blender?

Where is a tutorial about modeling on Blender theese complex objects?

So i can make some animations of it for my own…


P.D.: I can model the Rubik Cubes easy since its primitive is a cube, but what about a dodecahedron?

can you show a pic for theses things!

for the dodeca in 2,5 there is an addons that has this primitive


Those are all beyond primitives and you got to understand their geometrical properties in order to create them.
On top of that you´ll have to learn basic modeling.

There most certainly is no *minx creation tutorial, nor is there a “add *minx” button.

@ricky, they are “esoteric” variants of rubics cube :smiley:

search wikipedia but did not find any nice pictures for theses! LOL

Thanks for the tip

Well i had tried with dodecahedra primitive, great at least a dodecahedron…

But how can i cut it!!! Too much work… so i will let it until long hollidays.

If anyone has a model already done it would be great…

I have read that Blender can export a model as a python script… any model.

I had tried and yes, work with at least what i probed… simple models… but let export only one mesh, not the hole scene, so if anyone has a mesh of one of this:
-Flowerminx (i do not like much the holes on the center part, but a good tricky solution to rotate)
-Master Kilominx (It is a real 4x4… minx, very tricky since center has no hole like flowerminx, i will buy a real one next month on mf8)

Please export each model and share them, so not all of us need to make them.

I do not need internal sructure, nor anything that can be 3D printed, just each pieze free for move.

I promise if i make such models on Blender to share them on Internet, so stay tooned, search for Blender Megaminx Model or something like that…

I will also stay searching for it on Google, but till now no results!!!