how to model a ghost?

Good Morning…
i am trying to model a ghost! something that looks like the on the logo of ghostbusters.
or if you don’t know that, i’d like to make sthg that looks like a white blanket flying, with two holes, for eyes! :slight_smile:
how can i make such a thing? (here is an example of what i mean… see this site… (the small image on the right)
thank you very much, in advance…

uhm, maybe add a bit of glow to it, drop the alpha level, have it a greenish white, what more do you need to know?

Use subsurf?


er… no, i am not the one who made the ghost at the site! i am trying to make a clone of it (or sthg similar). how can i create it (from scratch)?
thank you very much :slight_smile:

Sure, that’s what we were saying…

Take a plane, subdivide 2 or three times, press subsurf, set it to 3 or so.

Start moving vertexes untill you’ve got a decend ghostly shape.

Give it a sick greenish emitting and alphaed material.

Duplicate the mesh

Rise up SubSurf (4?)

Convert this latter to a mesh CTRL+C

Add a Halo material to this


For Eyes, use a texture on the alpha/emit channels


P.S. (will post an example here if you’d like)