how to model a heart?

(msdawy) #1

Good morning…
i am trying to model a heart! how can i do it? i have tried many techniques, but the result is always very poor!
any help would be greatly appreciated!

thank you very much in advance…

PS: er… btw, are there any ready made models for Bottles anywhere? i’d be very grateful if you send me a link… :smiley:

(tordat) #2

A cartoon like heart is quite simple to make.
A natural hard I never treid to do, but probably would fail.

Cartoon like heart:

-Create a cube.
-In EditMode subdivide the cube one time as a the whole.

  • Subdivide the top surface a second time.
    -Still in Editmode, give the cube the overall rough shape of a heart.
  • Press SubSurf button in Edit button menu.

Thats it.

You can play a little bit with the SubDiv button to adjust the resolution of the subsurface.