How to model a net in Blender?

I am trying to model a soccer goal post.

The post is still not that bad, but how do I model the net of the goal post? Are there any tutorials available on how to model a relatively good-looking net?


IT depends on the requirement. But i’ll surely use textures of net with alpha transparency. If polygons is not a concern. then extrude a cube in x and z direction. rotate the cube 45 degree (it moves from + to x ) and use array modifier to multiply it in x and z direction.

threre is a tutorial on for “creating chain link fence”. It can give you some hints. Also check out “using array modifier” tutorial on same site.

I did try to use textures of net with alpha transparency on a plane. The problem however is, for some reason, the texture keeps getting distorted. It works fine when my plane is a perfect square or rectangle. Since the net of a goal post is not exactly a rectangle, I added a few more vertices to the polygon to make it an n-gon. But when I do this, the texture gets distorted very badly.

I have been playing around with the settings in the properties panel for a couple of hours but unfortunately I still couldn’t get it to look right.

Woah…I just went through the tutorial, duplicated the chains a whole ton to get the net. It is a great tutorial. The chain can really represent the net pretty well.

The only problem is now my Blender file is extremely sluggish and laggy.

It is so difficult to work on the file now. :frowning:

Here is one way; build the net form, subdivide it to net pattern, use cloth physics to let it sag. Net is rendered with Wire material on it. It should be possible to throw soccer ball, the collision object, at it to animate net bounce.