How to model a pencil

I was wondering how to model a pencil?

I was trying few things and it worked to certain extent but then there were again questions on my mind about certain things

So let me ask how to make a transition from 6 sides poly to a circular sharpened surface?

I did it by bevelling the 6 sided area. But it still creates a kind of light edge flow feel on the sharpened surface of pencil.

Whereas in case of a real pencil, you can see that the sharpened area is really smooth and circular form beginning to the point of tip


Thanks guys. Really nice way to model. I was trying on YouTube and found one guy who did make pencil properly in 3DS Max but approach was pathetic, inefficient and dump. He could have also used the same approach that this blender link tells.

Thanks once again

One thing I’ve never seen in a 3D pencil is an off-center lead. In real life, they always are.