How to model a pipe?

Ahh! You had to ask. No, it’s not simple.

The problem is: if you use loop cuts to stabilize the sides of the holes, those same cuts will also flatten the section of pipe the holes are in. So, you either have to move the cuts so the cross section stays circular, or design the cuts so they don’t extend much past the hole itself.

Take a look at this thread, it covers similar ground. GreyBeard probably has the best solution.

just use the boolean modifier…

Sorry Orinoco, I think your subsurf method is way too poly heavy. :frowning: I would use a plain polygon mesh cylinder and the bevel center script to round off corners. To make the pipe with the angled end I would just knife through the pipe at the desired angle, delete the end, skin edge loops to close it off, then smooth the edges with bevel center. For adding holes I would apply a boolean subtract modifier and clean up the resulting geometry by hand. Basically all the boolean would give you is an edge loop in the shape that you need that conforms perfectly to the geometry being cut into.

An attempt to cut holes using the boolean modifier.

Maybe so, but when you get really good with a hammer, you just go around looking for nails…:o (Using the shear tool works with non-subsurfed meshes, too.)

Like I said, you have to re-do all of the topology by hand. Lots of work, but it works. :slight_smile:


That works nicely :smiley:

As for holes, I’m lost too :frowning:

Hi guys,
modeling pipes and bending them (jncl punching holes) is something i love blender for the most. Every time i see ppl do this in other modeling apps, i can’t help but think that blender can do this in seconds :slight_smile:
Anyway … here is a blend file that might have what you’re looking for.
There is a little tutorial out there that shows how to extrude a pipe from a cube which is the same technique that i’ve used to make this little sample blend

Hope it helps - ciao!

P.S. there are two mesh objects in the blend. The top one has more sub divisions and therefore allows for smaller holes to be created. In mesh tools, where the spin button is, look for a button that is labeled “Circle”. Also, don’t forget to center your cursor to the opening before you do the “circle 100%” thing :slight_smile:


b_pipes.blend (330 KB)