How to model a shape like this

I Was wondering what is the best way to model a shape like you see here below to a 2d plane with the same topology. I’ve been fooling around with cutting spheres with different kind of topology in half an scaling them flat and such but i cant get there… Anyone?

This is the closest i can get so far.

Checker deselect and bevel.

Create a circle, select everything and use checker deselect to select every second vertex. Scale it out and then use shift+ctrl+B to bevel the vertices, use the mouse wheel or + and - to increase/decrease the smoothness/amount of vertices.

thx a lot!

  • circle, 18 vertices
  • couple of cuts
  • subdivide
  • un-subdivide with 1 iterations
  • four of the faces selected and rest are deleted
  • materials assigned, spin tool to get those repeated
  • subdivided and smoothed a bit

Thx a lot JA12, can u explain ‘un-subdivide with 1 iterations’ ? Is that done with the decimate modifier?

Could do but faster with un-subdivide tool. ctrl+E -> un-subdivide, iterations on the operator panel.

very nice, didn’t knew that at all!

If it can be just 2d, I would do it with multi-pass flat shapes, add them together, and color with a color-ramp.
If you want 3d, I would use curves to get the overall arcs, array to fine-tune the alignment, and then boolean to make the parts… A like a so!
IntersectingFlowerThing.blend (530 KB)

Can you tell how to smooth the mesh after subdividing? When i click smooth vertex it doesn’t give the proper result;

One way to do it is to

  • subdivide with as many divisions as you need
  • select none, edge select mode, select non-manifold with ctrl+alt+shift+m which selects the outside edges, then invert selection with ctrl+i
  • deselect the edges on the inner or outer faces with material deselect
  • w -> smooth with positive or negative smooth value, depending on the selection

ty! compicated stuff, i wish i knew the half of modelling like u do.

Smoothing didn’t go as smooth as i was hoping for. but I will try it again later. This is the result so far;