How to model a spoon ?

Can someone give some hints on how to model a decent spoon?

What I already tried:

  • Bezier Curves which were converted to a mesh and then extruded.
    I then tried to deform the shape with a lattice but I was having problems on the “bowl” of the spoon"

  • Box modelling
    also problems with the bowl

Both techniques didn’t do the trick for me. There must be a better way to model a spoon ?!?!?!?

Can you help ?

Have you tried Box modelling with SubSurfs???

I’ve made a spoon in about 2-3 mins and I think it’s a decent one…

Add a box. Go to top veiw and extrude one of it’s side faces 1 blender unit (hold down Ctrl while moving…). Move some of the side vertices so that you have an “elliptic” kinda shape…

The whole trick to make the bowl is to extrude the top vertices, without moving them from their position (just extrude and without moving them press right mouse button to get out of grab mode). Then with those newly created vertices selected press S to scale them down a bit. Then from side view extrude once more, press Z to constrain the movement to the z axis and move them downwards, so that you create the “cavity” of the bowl… From here it’s only a matter of moving some individual vertices to adjust it’s shape properly…

I also include some top and side views to give you an idea of the geometry:

If you need some more help I’ll be glad to assist you…

Good luck… :smiley:

Great thankx Timonides.

You’re example looks really promising. I’ll try that when I get home from work.

Thanks for the help man. I just tried your short tute and here’s the outcome:

It’s not perfect yet for it was done in just a few minutes.

Now I can complete my espresso cup image :slight_smile:

you all fail to take into account the fact that there IS no spoon… :wink:

(Hmmm - I posted a long reply this morning to this thread and it’s gone…?)

Anyway, what I said…

Being reasonably new to blender I thought I would try a spoon too. No problem getting the basic shape and looking spoon-like. But then, I deleted some vertices and of course was left with a gaping hole when viewing in solid mode.

My question is: how do I join vertices together to create new edges and faces?

I don’t want merge as that simply merges 2 or more vertices into one.

I thought the technical term might be stitch but can’t find anything like that in the knowledge base.

Simply select the vertices you want to connect and press the F key (Make Edge/Face). Depending on how many vertices you selected either an edge or a face will be created.

Also had some probs with this and took me some time to figure that out.


Here’s my espresso cup image

Still have to improve lighting and materials…

But I think it’s quite good nevertheless.

What do you think ?

I think it’s excellent modelling… :smiley:

I suggest you take it over at the W.I.P. forum from here on, that is, if you’re really interested in getting some really useful crits and suggestions… :wink:

Nice modelling job on that spoon of yours, indeed… :wink:

OK - I’ve had a go - my effort is in WIPs: