How to model a toy car?

Sorry if this is in the wrong location.

How do I make a game-ready toy car model? I want to make a Hot wheels car model, but I don’t know how.

Well you start by looking up tutorials on topics like:

  • game ready assets
  • car modelling from reference.

and you can also make it easier for us when you give us more information like should it be a realistic as possible model or just simple low poly?

I want it to be realistic
Also I couldn’t find it just right for a tutorial, either it’s too low poly or high poly, I can’t find tutorials on game ready assets tho.

For game ready its always the same process with:

  • base model
  • detailing
  • baking maps
  • exporting

You wont find the perfect tutorial for your needs but instead just look for blender game asset tutorials like this basic one here:

EDIT: cgcookie has a course too

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Thanks for those, I wanna make a “mobile game from 2011” vibe, but not a bad mobile game, lol

Coming back, I actually realized the cgcookie tutorial wasn’t free. Only the first part is. I don’t wanna spent money right now since I’m on a budget. That’s a shame.