How to model an ancient map?

(msdawy) #1

Good Morning…
i am trying to model a folded ancient paper.
how do i model this?? how do i add tears to it? how do i make it look ancient?
thank you very much…

(SirDude) #2

Give it a dirty texture.
Add some holes.
Add some folds.
Make the map image faded more around the folds.
and probably just add some random wear spots on the map.

You probably want to use photoshop to do the actuall picture of the map.
You can also add the fades and dirty texture there.

For modeling Start with a subdivded plane and make it look like a warn
map :wink: Add and remove verts as needed.

(CurtisS) #3

You could try modelling a subdivided plane and warping it with a lattice. The textures could be done in Photoshop or GIMP and used as a COL and Alpha (so you can get tears and torn edges) map. You may want to create a separate bump map.