How to model and render a night scene in Cycles / HD

In this muli-part video tutorial we’re going to model,texture,render and composite a simple night scene (consisted of a wall-mounted old style lamp glowing in the dark) using Cycles render engine.
Throughout this course we’re going to explore and discover a variety of modelling,texturing,rendering amd compositing techniques that would,hopefully,allow us for adding some more realism in our future projects.
It is also possible that we’re going to enhance our scene ,in the compositing part,using some multi-plane compositing techniques (such as adding a background plane simulating the distant lights of the city,or a moon for example)

Here are the links to these tutorial (updated so far) :

Part One (Modelling I) >

Part Two (Modelling II)

Part Three (UV Mapping / Texturing I) >

Part IV (Nodes-based materials assigning) >


Part V (Compoisiting) >

All textures in this tutorial are downloaded from :
and are free to use for educational purposes

Thanks for watching