How to model complex object ?

Hi !

I would like to model some biker boot. But I am very lost. The only shos I can do looks like this :

I found this too “simple”. And I don’t know how to start when I want something more like this…

I try to separate part in my head to decompose this shoes, but no way, I am lost.
Can you tell me if I have to add the complex part on my shoes or I have to think differently to make all in one object ?

I would definitely make this out of separate pieces. The retopo / surface snapping tools can help you.

Ok. I will look this stuff. Thank you !

I can’t post links here as it’s against the forum rules, but a couple of days ago I saw a great shoe modeling tutorial on cgcookie (I guess I can post a name of other Blender resource here, if not - sorry). It lasts 3 hours, it blown my mind completely, but it can be pretty useful for you.

I found it ! Thank you very much ! It could help a lot !

I don’t think posting links to CGCookie’s tuts are against the rules.Even if you break a rule a mod will notify you.

I’m going to guess it’s because he’s a new member. He will be able to post links in due time.