How to model curtains


For Archviz, I’m trying to model curtains, like this one :

My first idea was to use a cloth simulation with two cylinders (with collision physics) and a plane (with cloth physics).
I tried some settings, but can’t find a good combination.
Here is my best result.

Any thoughts ?

Perhaps you could use some pinning techniques. Here is a video that made me think of it :

Thanks for the link. It seems to be the way to go.
Actually in the related videos of your link I found a good video from cgcookie :

I still need to play with the settings, but I’m getting closer.

Thanks !:slight_smile:


Here’s some food for thought:

The weight of the cinched fabric has a tendency to put horizontal tension on the rest of the drapery. See your original reference and note the curvature of the outer edges down and in. Replicating this is integral for representing the weight and rigidity of the fabric. This is a simple thing to do with shape keys and would likely add a lot of life to your scene.

Thanks for your thoughts, DerekWatts. I’ll try to add that in my shape key.
This is where I am so far :