How to model doors and windows on a round helicopter cockpit?

I decided to give a helicopter a shot to practice some different types of models. One thing I’m not sure how to do properly is the doors on a helicopter that follow its shape. Same for the windows. Whatever I tried so far ended up looking garbage, and I also experimented a bit with the shrinkwrap modifier and while that felt like it got closer it still looked garbage.

This is what I have so far:

What’s the proper way to put in (and in) the windows and doors now?
This is what I’m trying to do:

This is something I’d also like to know more about for other kinds of vehicles with smooth, rounded windows and sharp, punchy edges.

Thanks in advance.

This: might be of some interest.

Theres different method for it. but in the case of your helicopter…

I will keep a copy of the shell witth the right shape… ( important, it is for be used for shrinkwarp and keep curve then )

  • Cut the windows ( depending how is set the mesh, or by set the loop on the right places first, then inset and separate the "glass, window, doors parts “… and then for be sure to keep the perfect round shape, use shrinkwarp on it ( source object will be the copy of the object before separation”… this way the curve shape will stay perfect. ).

use additional loop or mark sharp edge, crease for got the righ shape of the windows.

The thing with the “shrinkwarp method”… is when you add loop for sharp the edge of the door, windows, or mark them sharp/seam, you will not have the deformation on reflection you could have otherwise and you keep the initial curve, even if your mesh is deforming it.

Technically it is close of model a car.

One thing, on the side, the shape should be more straight, less round it seems.

Do you need the doors to actually be usable? Like do they need to open? If not you could maybe get away with textures and some displacement, but it won’t be the same. You could maybe do a boolean on it, but that would be really messy but possibley work depending on your mesh. I would probably just add some loops and adjust the edges to create the shape of the doors/windows manually.

PS, nice model you got there, very cool!

Lane has the right idea.

I have an OH-6A on ShareCG, which shares much of the platform with the MD-500. But it’s the older V-tail version. However the front of it is probably close to what you’re wanting. There’s no finished interior though, but even if you don’t use it - a look-over might give some ideas.