How to model for the game engine


I’m trying to model a house.

I start with a plane and then, with the extrude tool, I create walls, rooms, places for windows and doors.

The problem is: I tend to work in the solid draw type and things go well.
Then i turn into texture draw type and, I don’t know why, the house seems to be incomplete: walls are missing and so on.

After reading in several posts, I used the combination ctrl+n or ctrl+shift+n to make the walls appear in the texture draw type.

This works but it makes the modelling unpleasant and boring.

My question: is there a way to model directly without troubles in the texture draw type?

…you’d have to recalculate the normals eventually. (the reason why the walls are invisible: their normals are pointing the wrong way). i usually stay in textured mode so i can see pretty much what it will look like in-game. i mean, if you want to not have missing walls, turn the plane upside-down, then extrude.