how to model hair please?

hi all ,i’ve searched for a tutorial but i’ve not found one that i can easily understand with the blender 2.42 . Can anyone could show me how to model hair with the cards method please?:confused:

Make a texture for a card; use an Alpha supportinf format like .tga or .png and make the background transparent (or black as Blender can use black as Alpha). Then draw your hair strands on the first layer (you can use the color you want or draw them white and use Blender’s ColorBand (or nodes) to fill the colors in later.

Make a Card out of a Mesh Plane. Map the Texture to that plane and in the Image tab in F6 click “UseAlpha” (or if you used a black background click “CalcAlpha”). In F5, Materials tab, set Alpha to 0.00. In MapTo tab click Alpha on. Your card should now render with only the hair strands showing. Move it to Layer 2.

On your Mesh, in Edit mode, select the verts where you want cards placed and Shft-D to duplicate, then LMB to confirm. Move the new object to layer 2. Select your Card and Shft-Select the new object and Ctrl-P to Parent them. Select only the new object and goto F7 and click “Dupliverts” and “Rot”. Move the two objects on layer 2 back to layer 1 and Parent the new object only to the original Mesh. Now you should have cards where you wanted hair only. You may have to turn on Shadeless and Z-Transp in F5 on the original Card’s Material.


thank you very much Fligh it’s a step by step tutorial that i was waiting for!
thank you !:smiley:

Yes, thanks, Fligh. Works great on Christmas trees, too. Especially the tip on leaving the image black and white and using textures and ramps to do the coloring.

This is all wrong!
You need to use the texture/material in static particles to create hair.
You can also use wind to make it blow!

Ummm… rolandixor, js90 specifically asked for the cards method. Using particles is another way, not the right way.

Ehem. I said it was wrong for sport.
Particles are a more useful method if you plan to get a rendered result.
The cards method is best for games (blender’s GE has no paricles yet, I think.)