how to model simple for other but made me confused

Im just new to blender just 1month join. I have attached a zip file in that i have 2 blender file. I have made the same model with 2 methods (with plan & with cylinder)

  1. With the plan i have taken and subdivide in 32 segments and then with the checker deselected and deleted and added sub modifier and blend modifier and made the cylinder shape

  2. With the cylinder i have subdivide in 32 segments and with the checker deselected i have selected and deleted and then added sub modifier

Results i have got with the help plan i have made the circle which are rotating in hexagon or s shape and at some end its not continuous the continuous of the hole stop and then continues . And in the cylinder with the checker deselected i want to select in the hexagon or shape its been selected in v shape (u can go through the model).

So plz suggest me that whats going wrong to make holes or is there any other method to make holes directly on cylinder in the hexagon style .


square (698 KB)

Hi atekdigital, I’m having trouble understanding exactly what you’re trying to do. Does this look correct?

I created a cylinder with 32 segments, and subdivided the height 32 times. (first cylinder)

Then I selected all and did a checker deselect, and Ctrl+V -> ‘Connect vertices’ to join those verts. (second cylinder)

Then Ctrl-I to invert the selection. Then X D to disolve the selected verts. (third cylinder)

Then in face select mode, used alt-click to select every second face loop, and I I to inset individual faces. Then X F to delete those faces. (fourth cylinder)

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s not ‘J’ for “connect vertex path” it’s Ctrl+V -> ‘Connect vertices’

Yeah MediumSolid, that’s my bad. I’ve changed that hotkey.