How to model something like this vase?

I want to make this vase and right now I am following the design-your-own-texture-and-use-as-normal method. But How will I control the geometry node to find the crevices for dirt and all?

Is there any other better method to approach modelling this?

First I tried to model the designs and shrinkwrap them but they are getting quite high poly and making my computer slow.

If you want it as pure geometry, then yeahm there’s not getting away from a high poly count. Have you looked at the thread:

Ambient Occlusion should help find the crevices, ro you could use the dirty vertex tool in texture paint.

Thanks for the help, Colkai. Yes, I looked at the thread but that modeling is not done on any object as it makes it fairly easy compared to modeling on something on spherical in shape. Like, when I apply shrinkwrap, the design deforms a bit and as more geometry is added, the viewport gets choppy. :frowning:

Honestly i have never try to do something with this type of details ( note on a scale like that ).

Maybe try create it plane first, then shrinkwarp it… the best will be to have something like a “paper model” of the surface needed that you will work on ( as if you have take the surface of the vase and put it on a plane )… but you can surely correct the deformation then with scale on the intitial one. then it should be possible to add more easely the crease and thickness where it is needed.

Note, it will be really simpler to work with textures: displacement and normal map. But even in this case i suspect it will need a lot of work for prepare the texture ( with soft as Krita, photoshop )…