How to model stage curtians?

I need to make stage curtains for a client. But I have no idea how. I want to make it as realistic as possible. Any help tutorials?

Cloth simulator?

Ok… but I have no idea how to use that xD

you could add a plane and apply a wave modifier

shoud give a curtain !

may be add a cloth modifier too to fixe the top end
but depends how you want the curtain to look like


Ok i’ll play with that

A client! Like a paying one? I want to help! :slight_smile:

The most important thing to get right here is the weight painting. You use this to pin the cloth. I would subdivide a plain several times, then weight paint a nice red stripe across the top. (This is for 2.49, not using 2.5 yet)

Then you use weight paint gradient to smooth it out, it’s in the paint menu, just click on the red you paint at the top, and click on the blue at the bottom after selecting the gradient script.

Now you have a nice smooth vertex group to set in the cloth modifier, stiff at the top, billowy at the bottom.


(from Ghostbusters-1) …

“We Got One!!”

Worked a little more on this, crits that I have, the curtains need less stretching, they possibbly should bunch more at the top, and billow more at the bottom. My weight painting might be too aggressive.

Takes at least 30 minutes to calculate on my machine (it’s not a great one).
Overall the movement is pretty good though. -Ugh tried to get it small enough to upload here, gave up on that and put it on Pasteall. Have not tested it since I “compressed” it. (reduced the vert count) Let me know how it works for you.