How to model the inside of a mouth?

How to model the inside of a mouth? (in terms of sculpting)

What should I do first? Should I carve a hole from a convex mesh? Then, I sculpt the inside by hiding stuff.

Or should I start with a base mesh that already has a cavity? Then, build up from there?

Help please.

Create a separate base mesh cavity inside a persons mouth and then proceed with sculpting. I don’t think that you can go wrong this way.

On Kent Trammell’s Creature Sculpting for Production course (which is now a part of the CG Cookie citizen membership), he sculpted, then retopologized the creature, leaving a gap for the mouth. Then, after doing the retopology on the rest of the body, he set up some basic pose settings that allowed him to “open” the mouth. With the mouth open, he did what Ognjen said and created a separate mesh for sculpting the inside of the mouth. With that complete, he continued the retopology on the inside of the creatures mouth, this time over the newly created sculpt.

From my understanding, this is just one possible workflow.

If you set the model up with a mirror modifier (which I suppose you did if it is a symmetrical character) , you can always temporarily deactivate the modifier for quick hiding of half the geo and working on the mouth cavity…