How to model the Tab of a pop can?

can anyone please give me any ideas on how to model the tab of a pop can

my english stinks… so i really don’t know what is a tab of a pop can. i know, omg…
but anyways, you could offer at least a 2D idea of what you need and we could model or tell you how to model one. i could, at least…

kk here is a pic of a tab

add a plane. stretch it in one dimension. subdivide 4 times. select four in the middle but off to one side and delete. repeat for other side. then grab the outside two rows on each end and click the ToSphere to give it a rounded end. Extrude downward for a little thickness.

by subdivide 4 times you mean click subdivide four times or how many regions should it have and waht percentage of to shpere

Hey! We’re not the ones supposed to model the thing! Experiment!

I ahve this pop can but i cant make it smooth without ruining the shape can anyone please help me with this.

Ya sry bout that but i did expirement and it worked and looks ok but now i have nother problem lol.

could you supply a .blend please? If so than I can try and do some work on it. there it is i think

I’m sorta confused as to what you want, I just took your file and subsurfed > level 2 > set smooth > recalc normals and this is what I got:

Is that all you wanted?

Ye oh wow i am a noob at this thnx alot ive jsut started blender this weekend, jusst finished tut. Can u please tell me how to put words on it so it will wrap wround the can

Aight well since you say you’re so new, just want to make sure you know exactly what i did:

Object mode
Selected the can
Edit Mode
Add modifier: Subsurf
Set that to level 2
Set Smooth
Ctrl + N (recalculating your normals outside)
Click ‘ok’
And just for good measure, I usually do W -> Remove Doubles -> Ok, though this isn’t always necessary.

I’m extremely new as well, learning more basic stuff every time I try to model something, so don’t feel bad!

Good luck!

thnx, hopefully one day i can make great renders since this is my first one that i made with my own imagination, not using the tutorials

I have a can now i want to add text to it so it would look like it was printed on it.
here is the can: