How to model these parts

This is the first time i face real problem with blender especially i have modeled several models of all types.

but now i have sis simple model , The Face is that all parts can be modeled sloely but when it’s gone to gather all pieces you see the real problem.

i just wonder how to model this oval shape ,inside the sphere.
i have modeled half sphere and tried to make boolean modifier with the oval shape but it didn’t work.
2- tried curve modifier with the oval shape to stick it into the half sphere but it didn’t work.
3- tried to delete some squares and make the to sphere but it didn’t work.

Any method that really solve the problem and any problem with that type to model it correctly.


Try using a shrinkwrap modifier with curves to fix your problem.

I agree.
First: create a cuve in the form of the table tennis bat
Second: apply the shrinkwrap modifier to the cruve, using the model as object.

And make sur to select “Keep Above Surface” and subdivide the mesh some more is the result doesn’t look good.