how to model things like this using subsurf

This is a part in a bigger complex model, I don’t know how to describe this kind of shape so I modeled a simple one here, hope you can understand my idea.
In each image, you will see 2 objects, the left one is the result I want to get, I could make it easily by extruding an 36-face tube, but my purpose is to make thing like that from 8-face tube with subsurf and the right one is what I get, ugly, the top part and the bottom part don’t join smoothly.


you need to add some Sharp edges but also add some loop around sharp edges to have sharp edges!

hope this help

in not can you upload the blend file i can add some for you to shown how it’s done!

happy 2.5

Thank you, you are so kind, here is my blend file, you’ll see 2 models in there, I’m working on the right one :yes:


help.blend (154 KB)

ok it looks nice to me

so what seems to be the problem here ?
can you show where you need sharp edges or may be rounded edges?


The problem with adding more edges, to keep a crease, is that it’s no longer circular. As you can see from the top view.
If it’s part of a bigger model, then I wouldn’t let the smoothness bother you.


help.blend (406 KB)

cire792, you got my point, but it seems your blend file didn’t solve the problem, you added more vertical edge loop so that it broke the circular shape.
In general, I want the top part is half of the circle and it join smoothly with the bottom part

well it looks like it !

but can you draw by hand what you want as end results

cause it’s difficult to guess what you want to do here


Well the un textured one is more circular, but I’m just tyring to get the point that subsurf makes it difficult to create objects that are circular and hard edge.
Anyways, this time I started from 32 vert circle, and deleted edges from there.
So althought its not 8, it keeps the shape you want.


help_1.blend (409 KB)