How to model this design?

Hi guys, I’m wondering if anyone has any good advice on modelling repeating patterns like this?
I will upload the pictures. I want to take a curve like in the first picture and make a copy which is scaled down slightly to fit inside but then have some of the curve handles adjusted to fix the bottom curve so it’s not overlapping anything.

I want to make like 30 copies, so I don’t want to do it all by hand…and besides, you can see in my picture how the bottom curve bit isn’t exactly proportionate and clean. If I did them all by hand, it would probably end up sloppy. Is there some clever math/macro kinda way I could automate this? Thanks in advance.

You could consider first just making a piece of geometry. For example a flat polygon with that shape using a circle or two. Like a donut or torus but flat. Then using ctl R you could make 30 perfectly even edge loops within the shape. Perfectly concentric lines. Then if you needed curves, simply duplicate and part out the edges “P” and then break them into separate objects “P/loose parts” and then convert them to curves. In Edit Mode V will allow you to make them smooth.

Thank you Richard! Your technique works perfectly.
I was trying to replicate something like this (I hope that link works).
It turns out, that shape is crazy difficult to make! I think I’m going to just try something simpler :S

EDIT: this link might be better

You certainly could do it with a script… but it should be possible by hand… There! Done!

See the attached file. here: Semicircles.blend (480 KB) Each semicircle is scaled using vertex snap to the array, and then shifted to match up with itself. Using this technique you can make any ratio of this kind of design.

Dudecon!!! Awesome!
So you made an array of edges? Then a semicircle. OK I’m a bit lost after that, you set the origin of the semicircle to one of the verts of the array (depending on how far down you want them to converge?). Then Shift+D, S and make a duplicate scaled down (using which pivot point? Just median? or 3D cursor?)
I get this sort of result:

I think I’ve nearly got it, just not quite :S

Never mind, I got it!
My mistake was that I cloned one and then just pushed Shift+R a bunch of times. I realise now that you have to make sure they are snapping to the array so the vertical spacing is equal each time.
Thank you so much for your help. I am going to try and make my own interesting design now!

Glad you figured it out! One last tip, use ALT-D instead of SHIFT-D. ALT-D will maintain the datalink to the circles, so then you can edit them all at once to do the final alignment. Plus it makes the save file a little smaller.

Good call! Thank you again sir