How to model this in blender! please help!

Can anyone tell me how to model this please!
I would be very thankful.

You can use curve keep adding segments to adjust the shape and extrude to build the width, use Ctril+T to correct the tiling.

Then convert the curve to mesh and merge the unconnected edge.

Image 40

Finally, use a solidify modifier to add thickness and apply the material.

shape.blend (926.1 KB)

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OMG! are you god or something ? thank you so much

You can try like this:

  • Add Curve > Circle
  • Subdivide the curve to get more control points
  • Object Data Properties > Geometry > Bevel > Depth
  • add some modifiers or twist the curve manually until you get what you want

Not sure how to get the exact shape in the picture with modifiers alone though…
shape.blend (652.1 KB)

this design is beautiful. i will try it. thank you:)