How to: Model viewer

Hello, i wants do model viewer, like this crossbow I wants my model could be rotations with use LBM
but, i dont know how to do that, plz help me, :slight_smile:

It’s an example .blend. I hope it will help.

could you reupload on other server? rs, mu, hf, i couldn’t download it
or send on my email: [email protected]
edit: Ok you haven’t its working

Oh yea Thx man it is what i want thx!!!

It’s an advanced version:

You could have a look at the MouseOrbiter (2.49).

Need zoom to work in Orthographic camera mode. (2.49b)

I like this Model viewer a lot! But it needs some changes before I can use its method/script to view my model, and I’m a rank, slow to understand noobe, so I’m hoping someone can show me how to make it work as Orthographic projection, but still accomplish ZOOM with the mouse wheel.

When I simply change the camera to Orthographic, when I Play BGE the mouse wheel moves the weapon up/down instead of zooming, and the scale(?) is reduced a lot, and the user provided cursor is magnified a lot when I scroll the camera view larger, although changing the camera scale to .5 from original 6 (after change to orthographic) seems to be fine except for the zoom not working.

(There were deprecated commands used in the original, which I was able to fix simply because the error messages were so helpful.)