How to morph a spiral staircase in an empty

I have this desire to model a spiral staircase within a block of walls. At first I created a circle (24) then only keep one segment, use that segment with Array Modifier, an Empty (offset object) to rotate and offset height of each copy, use a curve to control the number of copies (ie. height). Now I wanted the whole model be constrained within a empty CUBE so that only the portion INSIDE is KEPT and all the edges intersect by the empty (OUTER) are removed. Here is the image:

Here is the top down view:

And here is the file I’m working on:

20210723_square_staircase_0001.blend (808.3 KB)

Can you tell me if this is possible and if how, what modifiers, constrains I could use to achieve this result?

Boolean modifier (after the array), use the cube as target and choose “intersect”, and “exact”.

Edit: the cube has to be a mesh.

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Thank you very much

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