How to move 3D cursor in Blender – And other tricks!

Hey Everyone,

I realise the 3D Cursor is literally the most basic tool, but I found there are a ton of users who don’t realise what it can actually do! It is a lot more advanced than some realise. So I’ve put together a blog and a YouTube video explaining some common uses and maybe some things you didn’t know :slight_smile:





Never mind the 3D cursor. At 6:17, you nonchalantly use … something, and I stop and rewind and forward frame by frame… the Add Cube interactively tool, which I have never even noticed before (and it can do a few other meshes too). I can die happy now. Anything else in this video will be gravy. :wink:

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Oh! Haha sorry I breezed over that! But i’m glad it showed you something cool! :))

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