How to move 3D cursor to point in bezier circle

Can anyone help me solotions for below questions:

1: I want to move 3D cursor to red point.
When left click to red point, I dont know 3D cursor really points to red point or not.

2: I want to determine the point on bezier circle (I call it is P), and POD = 30. How to determine it?


  1. In object mode , duplicate the curve at same location.
    Convert duplicate to mesh. Enter mesh edit mode.
    Select corresponding point.
    Use Shift S menu to place 3D Cursor.
    Go out of edit mode. Delete mesh. Go back to Curve edit mode. 3D Cursor should be at correct location.

2.Enable Extra Objects addon of Add Curve category.
At an arc object of correct angle and same radius of circle.
Enter Curve Edit mode, select extremity of arc. Shift S to place 3D Cursor.

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I got it. Thank you very much.