How to move a line from one point to other?

Dear Experts,
How to create a rectangle by moving from 1 to 2, 3, 4 and 1?

Thank you

If I understand correctly what you want, you can extrude a vertex, and use the Snap option in vertex mode so that it snaps to the right position

Yes, this is what I want. How to assign a certain thickness and color to line? With Bezier circle?
And for motion setup points between?

what are you trying to do, is it an animation?

I would like to highlight some info on an image.

if you’re planning to animate you can create a curve and give it thickness with a bevel object, and animate its end value?

I think, to extrude a vertex will be better (straight line). Probably I should extrude a vertex a little then give a thickness?
I would like to do something similar to the frame frame. When I try to extrude the Location X does not change, so I am not able to insert a keyframe.
Would it be better to use Path?