How to move a second object with the main character?

Hi everyone! First of all I apologize for creating this thread. I did searched for something similar but few where close to a straight answer that i need. And second thanks for everyone with your posts, its very helpful.

I’m animating a character that has a helmet as a separate object (could be a cloak, swords, etc). Thou its parented to the main character, the helmet doesn’t move along with the character and creating bones for it it just deform the mesh so it’s no longer a solid helmet. Could anyone tell me how to make the helmet follow the character while he walks forward? (Or do I have to move him along manually?)


ps: here’s a pic of the character

Parent the helmet to the main head bone with no weights on any other bone, make sure all transforms are applied, and it should move with the head correctly.

Thanks a lot m9105826! It worked fine!