How to move a vertex along its edge?

There is a way to move a vertex along its edge, avoiding undesired lateral movement? In other words, there is a way to use the edge like a guide, like a rail, and move the vertex along that rail?



Don’t know is this is the best way of doing that, but you can do the following:

  • select the other vertice
  • put the cursor to its location (Shift+S and then cursor->selection)
  • select your vertice, the one you want to move
  • change the rotating/scaling pivot to the cursor (period or comma hotkey)
  • then scale your vertice (S)

That should do the trick.

Wow, exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

In 2.46, however, you could select the edge, press Control Shift C, and then the manipulator would be aligned to it, ready to be used on the vertex. Note that 2.46 is going to be released next week.

Wow, nice!
Custom orientation is a cool feature!

Next week huh? Doggone it I’m still strugling to learn all the features in .45!!!

Thank you so much man! I’m using RC4 so it is yet available for me, and it is extremely useful!
Can you show me how to recall the command by menu window also? I searched my menu windows but I haven’t found that command… thanks!

Pressing View>Transform Orientation will bring up a panel that allows you to make new ones, and to choose which one you want to use. You can also choose it through the menu on the bottom header next to the manipulator objects (by default it says Global), or by pressing Alt Space.

Thank you so much!