How to move an object with its animation?

Hi guys,
i moved an object which i made a movement for it before but dunno why the movement cannot be moved to a new location but still keep acting in the old location.
Do i need to click/set sth before moving an object which had movement?
Thanks in advance!

“Do i need to click/set sth before moving an object which had movement?” you can try whatever that is faster then you can ask. Or you can post a blend file so people can see what you are talking about.
good luck

Thanks for your reminder!
Please check the file. Actually i want to move the animated object which is in red color in the file from A to B.
I tried to move it but its animation still keep in A but not in B.

Haven’t looked at your file, but generally you either can parent the animated object to an empty and then translate that empty, or use the Delta Locations in the Properties / DeltaTransform panel.

hi motimo, about ur first solution, do u mean i can go to “parent-with empty groups” and then select “object”? After that, how to translate that empty?
about your second solution, i’m not sure if the delta locations is in below pic shown. i couldn’t find it. would u mind showing me where it is?
Thanks so much!

The delta transforms are in the object properties under the Delta Transforms settings.

You can convert your current transform keyframes to delta transform keyframes with the Object / Transform / Animated Transforms to Deltas menu entry

Parent to object:
Select object-to-be-parented (future child) first.
Shift-select the empty (future parent).
Press Ctr - P
Choose from the pop-up menu.

To remove parenting:
Select the child object
Press Alt - P

As Richard Marklew points out, your screen shot is from the N-menu of the 3D view.
Go to the Properties /Object /Transform /Animated Transform to Deltas menu