How to move animations to 0,0,0 axis?

Hi. I did some animation for a game. I have to move my character so that all these cycles take place on the 0,0,0 axis. My question is how do I do that accurately? Where do I go where I can just type that in for my global controller for my character?


Put your Armature in Object mode and move it to 0.0.0. from the N tab then Keyframe it in Frame 1 for Loc only.


Hi. When I do that my mesh distorts really badly. I tried doing what you said to the armature and then to the mesh too, hoping it would correct it but it distorts even worse. Any other ideas why this would happen?

Check that both your Mesh and the Armature have their axii alligned.


Sorry, Im new to blender, How do I do that?

I have the model and the armature to 0,0,0 in xyz under pos and scale, but still looks distorted.

Okay so I found where to do that I think. I went to the armature, enabled move object centers only, hit S, x, 0 ,enter. Then did the same for Y and Z. Then did the same for the model. It looks like even though both centers are at 0 they look like theyre not completly centered on each other.