How to move center of mass to pivot point I select for a pendulum?


I created a pendulum in Blender – in three parts that I joined.

The crystal pendulum at the base, the chain in the middle and a ring at the top.

This is for the Second Life game engine.

I moved the pivot point to the center of the ring at the top of my model but when I imported the model into SL, the center mass – pivot point – was in the center of of the entire object (pendulum, chain & ring) not at the top where I set the pivot point in Blender.

There is a SL mesh generator that works in SL by connecting prims then making calculations and creating dae files your can import download and then import into SL.

To test my script for the swing in SL, I used the SL mesh generator and created a simple pendulum using three prims in SL (one for the bob, one for the chain and one for the ring) and set the root (pivot point) at the top prim (like the top ring of my model in Blender) and imported into SL as a test for the swing script and it worked as far as setting the pivot point at the top. So this is a Blender issue.

I know how to change the pivot point to center mass in Blender.

What I’d like to do is set the mass of the object to the pivot point I choose – hence creating the pivot point at the top inside the ring so the pendulum will swing correctly.

How would I do this so that Blender outputs the model with the mass center relocated at the pivot point of my choosing?

Thank you.

Join all three objects, set the origin to wherever you want, clear all transforms so the origin of the object is at the world origin (0, 0, 0). Export.