How to move clothes (chainmail) on a rigged character?

Hi guys!

I have a character with a chainmail. What I wanted to ask if there is a way to move the chainmail with the arm if I rig the character? Do I parent the chainmail or do I combine those two? I´ve never rigged before, but Im a fast learner. There always has to be this first time. Im uploading the character as well, so you see what I mean. I need to simply pose him, but I dont know what to do with the clothing for it to follow. I know I can move the arm when I rig it and then move the chainmail after, or something like that, but is there a smart way to do this otherwise? I will be using Auto rig Pro.

While rigging the body part are weighted to the distance of the bones and maybe weight painted for better controll… same applies to the cloth, chainmail, armor. For armor it’s sometime easier because it’s stiff (same weight over different parts). So look after some rigging tuts. In game characters their ar often no bodupart under the clothes .what you see is (almost all) what there is.
Or: yes you can :wink:

thank you Okidoki. I will try to rig the armour. It shouldnt be a problem. I was just wondering if there was some special way to do it. But it seems pretty straightforward. My little character will get the treatmeant of rigged chainmail.