How to move in UV/image editor? Shortcut+mouse...

Hi everyone,

Just testing the latest 2.53 builds… and i can’t zoom some UV’s to work on… because the usual shortcuts and mouse don’t work anymore to be abble to move around inside the view.
Found out it’s Shift + MMB for other views… But this just dosn’t work in UV’s view! :no:

Any hint?

PS Also got the link to Blenders shortcuts… But nothing there neither… :eek:

Don’t know if this helps any, but in the UV editor, to pan just use MMB. Holding down shift while MMBing won’t work.

Click and drag to move around, and scroll to zoom.
If that doesn’t work then maybe its a bug or the key configs got messed up.
In which case I’d load factory settings to see if thats the problem.