How to move multiple marked objects by entering x,y,z coordinates

Hi all together,

I’m quite new to blender still trying to master the basics.

It’s hard for me to build the entire model with extruding and deforming, so usually I end up with a lot of primites, that I now have to join. There are currently 2 issues I struggle every day with.

For better explanation : I build models for games, i do absolutly not wish to render in blender (yet). I only need a good model that I can uv-map later.

  1. The Boolean Operators (difference, union and intersection) are not really reliable. I installed an addon that makes it a bit better, but still it often just destroys the model when it get’s to complex. Now I found the CRTL-J Join function, sofar it seems to work fine. I make the connection faces so that they are not intersecting, and then I join. Remove some doubles, and everything looks fine, I end up with a single object.

What I don’t really get => What’s the difference between “join” and “union-boolean” ? Join seems to be working much better. Is it safe to use join from now on, or is there something I should know about ? As I said, important for me is a good model for good uv-mapping.

  1. I’m totally used (from my old software) to move objects around by manually entering their coordinates. Mostly, because I really want my vertices to match 100% when joining primitives. Using the axis tool in blender, it’s all so unprecise… How can I move MULTIPLE selected objects by entering coordinates (of course the coordinates for the shared center point).

When I mark several primitives and enter coordinates, I only move the last active object from the selection. Is there a way / addon to make them all move ?

Answers would be a really big help for me. So thank you upfront :slight_smile:


Number 1 question I cannot answer.
Question number 2: There are several ways to move a bunch of objects at once.
With objects selected just press “G” and then you can write X value, TAB Y value, TAB Z value.
If you Press G (grab) and press X you go to move just in the X value, or Y or Z.
If you do “G” and Shift+X, you move Y and Z values, and disable X axis.
Again “G” with CTRL and mouse move you move 1 unit at a time, and with CTRL+Shift and mouse move you get 0,1 of a unit. Press Enter to accept value or Scape to cancel).
There are more ways to move, like if you use an Empty to be the Parent of all the objects you want to move, you just need to move the empty. You also have 2 different Snap functions (Shift+S) and the Magnet Icon in the Viewport Header. There are even more, I think, but I think it’s enough for now!

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Thank you for your answer !! … I totally overlooked that I could enter values when using “g”…Already using that when extruding.
I think that should to fine till I get used to it :slight_smile: