How to move multiple objects in UV editing?

Hi everyone, I’m new to Blender… And it’s weird and follows no normal conventions.
As such I’m not sure what’s going on here…

Having done a UV unwrap and I am editing the layout of the UV’s on top of my texture, I use either Ctrl + B or just Ctrl/Shift to select multiple faces/edges/vertices, I can then rotate or scale them as a group, but as soon as I click to move them it deselects them all and moves only a single face.

I assume there’s a hotkey that I’m missing?

G = translate
R = rotate
S = scale

Same convention in the UV editor as in the 3d viewport

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There is also a Tool Shelf in the UV/Image editor that contains the same transform, rotate and scale buttons than the ones in the tool shelf in the 3D view. Watch for this little plus sign up left and click at it to open the tool shelf. Or use the menu down left to open the tool shelf in the Image Editor.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile: