How to move or cover holes made with Knife Project?

I have this object where I’ve cut 3 holes using the Mesh > Knife Project + Bridge Edge Loops in this order. First the one in the middle, 2nd the one to the right and last the one to the left. Now I realised that I want the right one to be 1 mm to the left. What is the easiest way to do that instead of hitting Ctrl + Z and redo both holes (right and left).

More specific, is there a way to cover the hole to the right so I can make a new cut or is there a way to just move the right hole as it is 1 mm to the left?

Select the inner ring of faces, then you can move the hole.
Maybe you have to move or recreate the boundaries if you have to move it over them.

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Didn’t thought this could be so easy as selecting the faces and moving them. On the other hand, even if my issue is solved, how would I cover them up back to their original state (as of before making the holes)?

Delete the faces and recreate the face by selecting the border and press f.

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