How to move/rearrange UV tiles (UDIM)

I’m a beginner, so if the terms I’m using are inaccurate, please take this into consideration…

I’m trying to create a diffuse texture for a Daz3D figure (Genesis 8 Female) in a separate program; Mudbox. The figure has preset material zones (Face, Torso, Arms, Legs, etc.), that nicely flatten out into separate UV tiles. However, the figure has a separate “anatomical elements” surface that can be loaded onto the figure, but when I flatten it to UV space in Mudbox, the anatomical elements tile overlaps with the face tile, so I guess they were getting the same UDIM naming designation (?). Anyway, there seemed to be no way to correct this in either Daz, or Mudbox, but they suggested that I might be able to correct this in Blender. I’m not a big fan of Blender, to be honest, because the interface is entirely too confusing to me, but can someone tell me, in detailed and specific terms, if it is possible to simply change the tiles name or designation, or move it to the end of the line so it doesn’t overlap, and export the figure out as an obj with these changes?

I’ve included a photo for reference, the problem tile is the first when reading from left to right. Please keep in mind that I’m Blender illiterate.

I have the same question. Is there a way to solve this issue?