How to move/rotate an object's axis?

(bigkahuna) #1

I want to move and rotate an object’s axis without moving the object and I can’t remember how to do this. Can anyone help?


(CD38) #2

You can either

  1. In edit mode, select all vertices and rotate them (bad).

  2. Use the “Axis Orientation Copy” script. You must have or create a second object or Empty oriented with its axes the way you want. In Object mode, select the object you want to modify, then Shift-select the object whose axis orientation you want to copy. Do Object menu->Scripts->Axis Orientation Copy and answer the prompt. It’s just like magic!


(Star Weaver) #3

Um, why is the first option bad? I’ve done this a few times when I’ve realized that I’ve buildt everything backwards along Y than I wanted. Mind you I did a constrained 180 around Y …