How to move/rotate appendages of skeleton model

I downloaded the skeleton model from the site above and then I imported it into blender. I got the camera at a side view- but I don’t know how to move its arms and whatnot.

Does anyone know how to?

Also- the skeleton looks fairly worse then it does in the preview images- is it blender realted or because of the obj I downloaded?

And finally- I was wondering if it was possible to get a .png (background is transparent) screenshot of the skeleton in blender based on the camera I’m on.


You would have to apply a ‘Blender’ skeleton to the skeleton object.
See the manual for a tutorial on the ‘Gingerbread Man’. It should help you understand what is needed.
The skeleton was more than likely rendered with a lighting set up that is not included with the object file.
You would have to do that.
Finally, it is possible to render into a .png file with alpha channel.
The manual is a good place to start to understand what you need to do.