How to move the center point aka axis. Noobie

I’ve got a cube and I want to scale it or rotate it around it’s corner. The center point or axis is now in the center. How do I move it to the corner of the cube?

See short screencast (flash)
Use Shift+S to set curser to vertex selection.


Wow that JING service is pretty cool. You really showed me a lot of things in a simple way. I may have to start using that. It really did the trick. Thanks!

I’m having a similar problem with a different file now. I can’t recenter the axis on curves I’ve imported as SVG’s. Using Mac Blender 2.49.2. I’ve separated the various letters in the title design but the axis refused to move from it’s original upper left position. It seems I have the axis in the center of each letter in Edit Mode but in Object Mode the axis is still upper left. Is this normal? Can I change the Object Mode axis to match the Edit Mode?


GrowthBusters 01.blend (379 KB)

You’re currently using curves and since you expect them to behave like meshes, convert each curve objects into a mesh. You wont be able to use its curve properties after this though :wink: