How to move the pivot point on a lamp

Does anyone know how to move the pivot point away from the center of a lamp. For example on an object, say a cube, you simply push tab (enter edit mode) and move the mesh. However this does not work for the lamp so I was wondering if there is another way. Thanks for your time!

I don’t think it’s possible to change pivot for lamp or camera. Do you want to rotate lamp around some object?

Test by creating an empty and parent it to the lamp (or parent the lamp to the empty :S) That should however work.

unfortunately I am using this lamp in the BGE. I had also tried the “parent to empty” method but parenting in the BGE does not achieve the correct orientation for the lamp. I practiced several different methods but the only one that kept the objects orientation relative was offseting the mesh of a cube from its pivot point, so I had hoped that it would be possible to do the same with the lamp, but it looks as though it is not possible :no:.

Any other ideas?

thanks again!

What are you trying to achieve?

What are you trying to achieve?