how to move the pivot point

I have spent two days on this. I have an oblong object that I want to have rotate on a wobble - I am trying to demonstrate precession of a spin stabilized projectile.

I have successfully done that using tracking around a circle with empties. It is almost perfect except that it is rotating around a point - the pivot point - that is a little too far forward. I want to move the pivot point back just a bit.

I have searched but can’t find a way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.


My advice would be to move a single vertex to where you want the pivot point and then press shift+S and “cursor to selected”, delete the vertex and then select the object, press shift+ctrl+alt+C and then choose the “3d cursor” option.

Thanks. I was able to get the cursor where I wanted it but then it was wobbling around two points like a see saw. I figured out I needed to move the median point also. I finally found a tutorial on how to do that. Now it rotates around the right point.