How to Normal+Displacement+Occlusion+Specular+Diffuse Map In One Shader in blender

Hello all blenderers.

My question is on the title (because of the char. limitations on title, + Reflective + Roughness + Metallic + Grunge maps also) how can we use all that texture maps in one shader in blender for realistic render. I had looked at many many articles, videos but couldn’t find these texture used altogether and feeling now confused mind :D. I wish to know which of them is important for realistic render what will be shown in archviz. Some articles say that using AO is pointless for static view like archviz.

And another confusing thing is height and albedo maps are for me. That are different than those texture maps, or ‘aka’ another names some of them?

Thanks for your help.

You need to take a look at the tutorial by Andrew Price on PBR and dirt/grunge. He shows how to combine all these. - PBR - Add dirt

hımm thanks for the reply colkai, i like video tutorials if they are short :smiley: unfortunately Andrew’s ones are too long to concentrate on the topic. anyway im gonna watch them, hope to understand the logic of nodes simply.

Well I’ve watched them a couple of times, (things don’t sink in easy for me), providing you take it slow and allow yourself the time, it does make sense. Then look at the final node flow and try to understand what each bit does. Putting panels around parts and naming them as Andrew does helps a lot when going back to a node setup, otherwise you just end up going, “Huh? what does that bit do?” :stuck_out_tongue:

yep! agree with your point :yes: thanks again

No probs, I’ll admit, the nodes are daunting at first, but go through the process a few times and it starts to make sense, well, partly. :stuck_out_tongue: