How to numerically edit?

Sorry for the very basic question. I’m doing the tutorial of modeling the blender logo.
I’ve completed interface tutorials but I haven’t seen how to numerically rotate, position or scale an object on the x.y or z axis. All I want to do is rotate a bezier circle 90 degrees because it comes into my view sideways.

press N to popup the transform properties panel. click in the rotX field and enter 90.

The thing about new objects being placed sideways by default can be changed by going to the preferences (you know, that hidden bar on the top that you drag down) -> Edit Methods and turning on Aligned to View.

As for the numerical editing, it’s actually very nicely done in Blender. If you want to rotate something 90 degrees on the x-axis, for example, just press r, x, 90. That works for scaling and moving too.

Your both are awesome Thanks!

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peace, and happy blending

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