How to only render what's in front of the camera

I need to know how to adjust the settings in blender so that the rendering process will only render whats in front of the camera and not everything else in the scene. I think my complicated scenes are really slowing down due to the complicated geometry in my scene. Please let me know how this is done. Thanks!

It already does this.

Well, I’m using version 2.49 and I was told otherwise. Seems the confusion is on my end though. My renders are always going so much faster in Maya than they do in Blender, it’s very painful. I wish there was a way to speed up my render times and have a lot less crashing.

Blender crash only if it is out off memory (Ram), if you import from maya may you have millions of polys.
Try blender 2.56, (take one from it is 2-10 times faster than 2.49b.
Do you have a test file? I could try on my system.

Cheers mib

I know I’m not out of memory. My primary machine has 16 GB’s of ram and the task manager shows that I’m only using 5GB’s during the render phase. I’m not importing maya files over or visa versa. My blender scene’s I guess are just two complicated geometry wise. I’ll just have to cut back in any way that I can.

I will look forward to using Blender 2.5x but only installing it after it’s the full release. I don’t care for the beta releases. Thanks for replies.

You can speed up rending of complex scenes when you increase the octree size. See

But you should really try to use the beta of 2.5.6. Its pretty stable for a while now. Some bugs are lurking inside the corners. But usually you won’t even notice them. It has better rendering acceleration structures then 2.4.9, that only knows about an octree. Especially scenes with wide areas or many reflections/transparency are rendering much faster now.